If you are considering switching over to Linux then we recommend that you take the plunge and get stuck in! Linux is an open-source operating system that is used by millions of people all over the world. There is so much help and information readily available on the web from both Linux developers and enthusiasts that you can find almost any solution and help for any of your Linux based projects.

The two main advantages of using Linux over Windows are that this OS is licensed under GNU, which is a General Public Licence and because it is open source there are thousands of websites full of tutorials, code examples and free software for you look at and study. Still not convinced? Here are some neat features of Linux to help change your mind…

  1. Multi, multi, and even more multi: The people who developed Linux wanted it to be lightweight and versatile, so they decided  that you should be able have several people logged into a PC at the same time, be able to efficiently run more than one app at once with no notable slowdown in PC performance and be compatible on several different devices such as 32 and 64 bit computers, Macs and even gaming consoles!
  2. Super streamlined for maximum efficiency and scalability: Linux can be installed on small devices such as a Raspberry PI right through to big servers capable of computing millions of processes a second. If you are new to Linux then as you become more confident with the system, you too can scale up.
  3. Can be used for on almost any hardware: Linux can be both transported to run on any device (because it is written in C Language) and be used in multitude of different ways, for example Turtle Software is used as a firewall for Linux but if you wanted to setup your own server, office PC or router then Linux can do all these and more! (YouTube is an excellent resource for learning about Linux).
  4. Reliable: If you have been frustrated by Windows system crashes in the past, then you are in for a treat with Linux as it is widely regarded as the most stable OS in use today. A good example of this is web hosting – If you own your own website, then the chances are it is hosted on a Linux based operating system.
  5. Free! The best reason of all right? Linux is unique because if you become an expert and can write premium software to run on Linux you can charge for it (if certain conditions are met), the devs wanted it to grow with technology so making it free is seen as they best way forward in keeping Linux alive and healthy.

Where did Linux originate?

Linux is an improvement of an earlier operating system called UNIX which was first seen in action during the back end of the 60s. A Finnish guy called Linus Torvalds admired UNIX but it lacked functionality he needed, and in any case the devices UNIX ran on were very expensive and restrictive by nature so he set about writing a newer version of Minix which was another language based on UNIX.
After months of work on his project, Torvalds began to publish his work online. From there on, others participated by fixing bugs and optimising the code and soon Linux was born where today millions of people are using this unique OS for a variety of differing needs.